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A small yet fun game, I would recomend.

I'm only getting one frame per second at best in both versions, so could you please add the option to play at a lower resolution?

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Pretty fun! The platforming bits with the boats were more frustrating than interesting, and there there was one bit where I fell into the water, spawned over the water, fell again immediately, then had two sets of dialog going at once. There are also some meshes that have no collision (the wall behind the double jump boots and the wall behind the final fire).

However, in general (in terms of story/narrator) I had a lot of fun with this, although the length definitely leaves something to be desired.

This was pretty fun, I had no idea what was happening but it was fun.

Really amazing and hilarious game, my only wish is that it were longer! Was very fun seeing just how much I could break the game! 

Hiya Devs!

I enjoyed the game! The visuals and effects, it really made me feel like I was a wizard for a while! The narrator was the icing on the cake. In game at 1:15, I stepped on the lamp that I've knocked over (out of curiosity) and was spiraled into a whole new world. Also, I experienced a few glitches through unseen holes towards the end. Nevertheless, the puzzles and platforming are decent for the duration of the game. I just wish there were more stuff we could do with the wand! It's all good! I really like the direction you were heading with this game. You got yourself a fan! I'll be looking forward to your future creations!

Yes, beautiful little game, enjoyed the physics and the quirky narrator.  

A few notes for the dev because I liked it...


The in-air dash seemed to shoot me off at a 45' angle to the right so I couldn't use it.

The 'Oh, he jumped in the water!' (or whatever it was) got a bit annoying, I heard that a few too many times trying to get across the ships. 

My PC did seem to be struggling to run it, tearing, jittering - bit curious considering what it is... and what my PC is - i7, 8GB ram, 4gb GPU

Developer here with an extremely late reply! Thank you for playing and providing feedback. The air dash must have glitched and having more lines for the Narrator would have been great. We did not have time to optimize for other PC's but aside from that I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Great game!

I wish I played the menu version, but now I'm an original fan. Woop!



That's all i have to say

Thank you!



That's all i have to say


Cool game and nicely made. A good job on this and fun to play... :)

Why Thank You! After watching you play you seem to have played EXACTLY how we thought a player would play with no major alterations! Take of that what you will, but hopefully that means you had the optimal experience! If you enjoyed it could you please leave a rating on the movie game jam entry page?


Couple nit pick things. Such as the game starts before i'm ready and, I didn't get to hear atleast 4 lines of narration. I know it's not that big of a deal because it's all chit chat but, still... There is also no option to change resolution or, settings on any menu. Plus I was a little lost with out any clear direction of a goal.  The game has a good concept i'm not bashing it just felt rushed out the gate with what I had to do!

Thank you for your feedback! Yes, you are right! We didn't have time to make a menu. I am sorry, that you got stuck! You had to walk through the fire to travel in the next world (You've probably only seen about 20% of the game yet, the main part isn't in the screenshots to not spoil the player).

Hi Game Designer here! I updated the description from your feedback. Thank you for trying out our game! If you do have any interest I would implore you to boot the game up again, and walk through the fire. (What happens is a just a little surprising ;)


I thought this was just awesome to the point where I have played it a couple of times. Well done DEVS

Thank you a lot! That means a lot to us! Really? Another Let's Player? Man, I am supposed to be working on the trailer for the game right now and not watch videos all day! 


Let me know when you've done the trailer and i'll have a watch for you.

Totally awesome game and I can't think of any improvements except for a trailer.


Hi Game Designer here, Thank you for playing our game I watched the playthrough and learned quite a bit on what we could improve on! It means a lot to me that someone would play it several times! (especially since it was a headache making all four potential paths work with the Narrator XD) If you enjoyed it it would mean a lot to have our game rated for the movie game jam here:

Also we made the 58 second trailer if you want to see below! 


I don't think the narrator likes me. But he's probably just upset things got off-script. :)

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. :)

Sorry for the late reply! Thank you for playing our game it means a lot! 12:56 made me laugh! and I apologize for not adding a nearer spawn point on 13:38. I forgot... But thank you again and if you have time any rating would mean a lot to us if you enjoyed the game! :